Tarjeta de 48 Entradas/Salidas Digitales OPTO-22


The DIO-48 Provides 48 TTL digital I/O lines, and one 16 bit counter . The DIO-48 emulates 8255 mode 0 and has a increased output current of 15mA (source) and 64mA (sink) , allowing it to control LED, relay, etc. The DIO-48 consists of six 8 bit bi-directional ports and 3 input lines for interrupt enable and counter. The 8 bit port are named port A(PA),port B(PB) ,port C(PC). The port C can be split into two four bit. All port are configured as inputs as inputs upon power-up or reset. The base address is selectable from 200 to 3FF hex. The interrupt signal can be connected to any of the interrupt levels 2 through 7 .


Entradas/Salidas Digitales


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