Tarjeta 32 Entradas y 32 Salidas Digitales + Contadores


The DIO-64  provides 32 digital  input channels , 32 output channels and 6 counter/timer channels The DIO-64 consists of two 16 bit input port and two 16 bit output port  . The user can use the  DB-16P ( or 782 series ) to. Connect the input port (CN2,CN4) for isolation purpose. The user can use DB-16R (or 785 series) to interface to the output port (CN1,CN3) for relay control. There are four clock source , 2M , 1M , 500K , 250K , on the board . The user can choose any one by jumper setting .The user can take the frequency from the soldering pad. On board Timer/Counter provides 3 channel for frequency measure , event counting and pulse generation. The optional 8254 provides 3 channel for interrupt use..


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